Blue Ribbon Can
print by Bill

Bill and Kathy are fine art photographers and met through their common love of black and white photography.  Bill teaches photography at Gonzaga University and Kathy manages their home studio, Cherry Street Studios.  They love film and continue to use their large and medium format film camers for most of their work.

They hold an annual photo open studio in December and fill their home with new images for the year and regularly have prints on display at the Brick Wall Gallery in Spokane. Check out their photo web site at (soon to be updated).

Bill is also a life long sketcher and you will find some of his drawings here and around the web site. Click on any image to view as a slide show.

Bill and Kathy Kostelec

Bill and Kathy

Who's watching the meat?

Who's watching the meat?

Buddy the Blues Dog

Buddy the Blues Dog

couch time

Technically he's not on the couch

Bill and Kathy on the road

on the road

another party on Cherry Street

another party night on Cherry Street

Blown away

blown away

Bill Kostelec

Bill by Bill

Jonah's first fire

Jonah lights his first fire with Papa

Late night snack time with Buddy and Laz

Late night snack time with Buddy and Laz

winter time on Cherry Street

and it's only December 15th

Bill's cameras

got enough cameras?

Bill and his coat with many buttons

Bill and his coat with many buttons

You're drawing what?

You're drawing what?

all images copyright W.A. Kostelec