I Killed Adolph Hitler


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© 2011 W.A. Kostelec
(The Devil is Beating His Wife)

I killed Adolph Hitler
Indeed said he
He was sitting in a trench contented as can be
Puffing on a cigarette
A rifle across his lap
I crept up behind him and I clipped him with my sap
Well he fell back off his amo crate
He looked so damned surprised
And his cigarette was all spalattered
He got tobacco in his eyes
When I stuck with the bayonette
Like a pig I heard him cry
I stuck him two or three more times
Then sat down to watch him die
Didn’t look much like the monster
His mustache was not clipped to look like Charlie Chaplin
Still the blood came from his lips
His blue eyes were bulging hatred
Staring at no one in the sky
The day I killed Adolph Hitler
And sat down to watch him die.

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