The Rathdrum Prairie Refueling Depot Disaster


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© 2005 W.A. Kostelec
Storyteller 1

The water runs deep the water runs clean beneath the prairie grasses
The Winter snow beneath the sun rushes down the mountain passes
Cool streams to slake the Bear and Elk where trout and salmon run
The lifeblood of all living things that thrive beneath the Sun

The aquifer of life lies there, heart pumping its good waters
A Daddy runs a glassful and gives it to his daughter
The apple orchards in the Spring grow green and smell of honey
But somewhere in a boardroom there’s some suits talking money

“Cut down on our expenses and maximize our profit
Call up our politician friends make sure they’re in our pockets
Our engines run on diesel but our lifeblood is the dollar
When big money decides to take the lead the important folks will foller”

Your diesel is a poison but it burns a smoky hot
Pulling miles and miles of cars of everything we got
Lumber going across the sea to the islands of Japan
And goods from Chinese factories stamped with home-grown sounding brands

“Our engines drink a mighty drink of the smelly diesel brew
It takes a lot to feed them and it costs a great deal too
Out on that pretty Rathdrum Prairie we’ll build a fueling depot
And we’ll hire some lawyers and engineers and sell it to the people.

We’re going to lay a sheet of plastic down it’ll last a thousand years
A depot high tech and foolproof there’s nothing for to fear
Pay no mind our poison tanks are sitting on your aquifer
We would not let a drop to fall into your good clean water”

The corporate boys they had their way the politicians went along
The people raised a mighty cry but still the deed was done
Now the plastic sheet is leaking and the poison sinking down
To foul our lifesblood treasure laying there beneath the ground

The money boys always get their way, Politicians earn their pay
The corporate lawyers nod and smile It’s just a game they play
The suits collect the profits and the workers get the grief
Just a glass of cold fresh water is all we ask to see

I don’t ask for much in this old world; Keep your diamonds and your gold
Guitar wife and family, a little peace when I am old
Keep your oil out of my water keep your poison from my well
If there’s any justice in this world you’ll drink diesel fuel in Hell.

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